We Provide Fibre Optic High Speed Internet

If you are looking for a reliable high speed internet provider, look no further. We offer both holiday and residential packages on all our services so no matter if you are here for just a few days or weeks in the year or live in the sunshine all year long, we have the internet and television package for you with no hidden surprises.

With internet service from as little as €15 per month we offer great value too and we are extremely proud of  our customer service record - we love our clients - see what they say about us.

Satellite TV - 160 Channels, including Spanish, UK, French, Swedish, Irish, Danish, & Norwegian TV. Any questions: JUST ASK - we are here to help

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50MGB Super Air Fibre is now available in El Limonar, El Chaparral, San Luis and Torretta 3





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