Are We The Best Internet Provider In Town?

Yes - probably. 

Reason 1. 

Without blinding you with science, our internet service is much more stable than our competitors and one reason is that our Fibre Optic Cables connect direct from our servers  into the network. This means we can provide an extremely stable connection no matter what service you have with us and parallel download and upload speeds.

Our systems looks like this

Connect Fibra Hub

This means our system is less susceptible to weather with travel through the air an absolute minumin.

An example of a system that has a lot of air travel might look like this..

Poor network

This system would not provide parallel download and upload speeds and would be highly susceptible to interference from the weather and even static.


We are local and only local. You can pop in and see us, you see our vans everywhere in the area and we are always trying to ensure the latest technology is used. Anything we can do to make it better - we will. See our coverage area here



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Our engineers are the very best, our office staff are excellent and are keen to resolve any issues at all.


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