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About Connect Fibra

Connect Fibra is owned and run by the people who started La Siesta Wifi ten years ago. Connect Fibra is a registered company in Spain.

Years ago when only wifi internet was available in Spain, which was very unstable, had many drop outs and notorious black spots, La Siesta WiFi provided these services in the local area of Torrevieja and did establish a good connection and reputation with its clients. Since the advent of Fibre Optic Technology became available in Torrevieja, Connect Fibra invested in the new technology to enable better Internet speeds, reliable connections allowing for better television services, and cheaper calls from fixed landlines. All of this investment and a shift of focus to brand new technology meant  a new name : CONNECT FIBRA

Fast Reliable Internet & TV With Customer Service

The aim of the company is not only to provide fast reliable internet, television services in several languages, landlines and mobile services at excellent prices but to build on the great reputation earned in previous years providing unrivalled customer service. We do this in several ways, we try to be accessible online and available to fix things out of hours provided they do not require a home visit, we have opened two offices in our area of coverage, one close to Carrefour in Torrevieja and the other in La Siesta itself - see our offices. We are available online via this website - leave us a message if we are offline - or via Facebook or call us and leave a message.

Connect Fibra Innovation - Air Fibre

Since many of the urbanisation's in Torrevieja are old and were not built with fibre technology in mind, Connect Fibra have also come up with new and exciting technology embracing fibre optic allowing the older urbanisation's to have faster reliable internet speeds than previously available in those areas. This new technology is only available at Connect Fibra and is called Air Fibre. The company has invested in installing fibre optic cables as far as they can within those areas and this means that although an antenna is required the signal via the cable only has to travel a few metres unlike in the the old WiFi days where you needed line of site to the masts which were often some distance away. 

Connect Fibra Phone Services

To enhance the service and reputation already achieved in previous years, we decided to add not only fixed landlines to our services but also mobile phone services by teaming up with mobile network operator Orange, arguably the best mobile coverage in Spain. Using the Orange network means we can offer excellent value mobile packages - cheap mobile call rates within Spain and to over 150 worldwide destinations.

To find out more about our services feel free to explore and here are a couple of videos and please don't hesitate to ask us any questions at all.


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