Many of the homes in our catchment area do have the Fibre Optic network available for us to install, however for those homes that do not yet have access we also offer Air Fibre Internet also with or without TV

20 - 100 Megabytes


There is currently approximately a one week lead time from taking your order to installing your service but please check as we sometimes do have earlier slots.

Installing your fibre optic takes approximately an hour and we do need access inside your house. There are no unsightly cables as we connect your home to the fibre optic system underground and through an existing cable path on the outside of your house.  In your home we install a  WIFI router and if you have ordered TV services a TV box and a phone box if that is also ordered.


Installing Air Fibre which is 20 megabytes and available with or without TV generally means installing an antenna on your roof and you will also have the WIFI router and TV box if you have ordered that as well.


We offer 20, 50 & 100 megabyte fibre optic internet access and 20 megabyte air fibre internet access





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