In these modern times we cannot survive without the internet or so it seems. What should you do when it goes off or does not work?



We have come to expect perfection when it comes to internet service but despite your internet providers best efforts and investment, there can be many reasons why there is a break or reduction in your internet service. Here we take a look at some of them although some are interesting, probably 85% of issues are caused by the user - sorry but its true.

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So what can cause internet disruption?




Yes its true! We all know that we are never far away from these innovative creatures but did you think about the fact that they live in those areas where internet cables also live? These prolific animals do enjoy gnawing on things and this can include the fibre optic cables providing your internet service.




Great White Shark



The great shark may be the furthest living thing away from your home and maybe not worth thinking about. As most of the worlds internet cables are deep sea - this can affect you. It is rare but occasionally sharks do like to chew through these massive cables on the sea bed which can certainly cause internet chaos resulting in slow speeds as your connection is re-routed through alternative and possibly overloaded cables. Rarely results in a total internet black out though. 


Lightening fork



Always entertaining - to watch. Extremely hard to predict a lightening strike though. It goes without saying a lightening strike can affect only one property or the network you are on. It can even be a lightening strike elsewhere in the whole supply change of the internet that can mean internet outages for homes hundreds of miles from the original strike.




Its raining

Here in Spain, it appears the rain does not fall mainly on the plains as when it does rain here in our little part of Spain, boy does it rain. HARD.If it is flooded in your streets, you can bet not only are all the places where cables are buried flooded too but it is more than possible that there will be internet outages during the downpour that may affect not only you and your internet speed but also the network and it is also possible that in the event of seriously heavy rain equipment can become damaged or waterlogged.





Severe winds can interrupt internet speeds especially if you are not on a Fibre Optic network. In rare circumstances severe winds can affect sensitive internet digital equipment which apart from the fact that things can get blown off or away, can mean reduced speeds or disruption.



Construction Damage

  • Connect Fibra fixing road workers damage
  • Connect Fibra fixing road workers damage
  • JCB damage to Fibre Optic Cables
  • JCB damaged internet cable
  • Repairing damaged cables
  • JCB caused major damage

These are pictures from recent damage to Fibre optic internet cables caused by workers digging up the main road. Sheared straight through the cables resulting in sector internet losses for Connect Fibra customers. The engineers worked late into the night and restored service within several hours. This can happen in Spain! There was also an incident in Madrid earlier in the year where a jcb digging up the road sliced through the main internet arteryfor the whole of Spain.



It pains us to say it but occasionally your internet service can be affected by human intervention deliberate or accidental. This may be wayward teenagers or done accidentally by people after a night of frivolity. However the provision of internet services is highly competitive and we are aware that some damage could only have been deliberately caused.



Things to do before contacting emergency support


1. Troubleshoot your internet connection on your computer or restart your phone if on a mobile

2. Unplug your router - wait 30 seconds - replug and wait to see if connection is re-established

3. If you have an antenna - check the other white box that has an electricity supply - if neccessary unplug and reconnect.

4. Check that ALL connections are secure

5. Have you paid your bill?

Out of hours contact

If none of that works you can check our Facebook page for any network problem advisories we have posted or message us directly to look at your issue remotely out of hours. If we cannot fix remotely and need to visit your property, be aware that you may incur a call out charge if the issue is user related.

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