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A Little Ray Of Sunshine

Sunshine on a sunny day


Interesting Few Weeks

No one can deny, that at the very least, the last few weeks have been 'interesting'.  Nothing in living memory comes close to the global pandemic and its effects on everyone  and whilst we have a way to go yet before normality or even the 'new' normal is here Sunshine or even clear.. there are some signs that a small  ray of sunshine could be on the horizon after the complete lock down.

Let's Look Forward

We at Connect Fibra have already invited businesses as well the various sports teams  in our area of coverage to get in touch so that we all can work together helping each other in small ways as we find ways forward in testing times.

We for our part have introduced a new package giving free TV with any internet package over 150 MB. Included in this package is a free gift of either an Amazon Firestick OR 6 months Netflix subscription.  If you choose the Amazon Firestick option it is totally free as we can add our TV channels without you having to buy a MAG box.

If you already have a MAG box, when signing up for our 150 MB or over internet service, we can add our TV channels package without you having to buy another box.

In the coming weeks we will be actively seeking  your help. How? We believe in our service and our products so we will be starting a promotion aimed at not only helping local business but getting neighbours and friends talking to each other again... whilst respecting social distancing of course.


How Are We Going To Do That?

We will be offering a small prize for any any referrals that lead to a new internet installation. This could be a meal voucher in a local restaurant, ladies beauty day or a spa day, meat or wine  packs or many other things that people like to enjoy together, and also embrace all of the local businesses in our area. We will let you know how it will all work in the coming days.

In the meantime, please be safe, and let's enjoy the little ray of sunshine.




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