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How To Test Your Internet Speed

 When Testing Your Internet Speed

Testing your internet speed really should only be done using a device - pc or laptop - that is connected using a cable direct into the router. This is the only 100% accurate way to test your internet speed. The other factor you need to be aware of when testing is making sure you are connected to the RIGHT server. Connect Fibra has its own server which provides internet direct to your home.  If you test using a different server - it is the equivalent of visiting Mars but going via Pluto. You can use this website and select Connect Fibra's server  -  www.speedtest.net

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Testing Speed On WIFI

If the only way you have to do the speed test is using a device - such as mobile or Ipad - then you should know that testing will unlikely result in the actual amount of megabytes being delivered to your router, being the result of the test. This is because using Wifi or a wireless signal looses strength through the air and the amount of signal loss varies. If you do have to test using this method, make sure you turn off ALL other devices connected to the WIFI. Each of the connected devices will diminish the available signal, so turn them off and complete the test just on the device you are using to test. Also be sure to stand as near as possible to the router, as trying to test with a wall between your device and the router will reduce the speed considerably.



Testing Your Internet Speed



1. Make sure you are not actively downloading anything or
    using the internet on other devices as this will alter the speed shown.

2. Connect your router to your device with a cable

3. Go to the website www.speedtest.net Make sure the server is connected to

4. Make sure the server is connected to Connect Fibra. 

5. Press GO and wait for your upload and download speed to be shown.



Note that speed test result will depend on how you do the test and on what device.

If you have an older device, higher speeds may not register as the hardware inside the devices are not capable. Devices three years or older are often not able to register more than 100MB irrespective of what method is used. Connect Fibra guarantee the speed to the router NOT to the device.





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