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A Good Old Reboot


Have you ever contacted your internet provider to complain about speeds or TV programmes buffering? Was one of the first questions they asked you "Have you rebooted your router"? 

This is because rebooting your router will clear all is accumulated cache and make it work more efficiently

Pile of Rubbish

It may seem strange to you that rebooting your router can possibly solve your internet or TV issues. The truth is all the time you are on the internet, connected to your router, whether by cable or wirelessly, an amount of 'cache' builds up. The more devices you have connected or the longer the period of time you are connected without turning the router off, the more 'cache' builds up. It is a bit like rubbish, it collects until there is a point that there is no way through. This often produces low speeds, buffering and very occasionally prevents connection altogether.






Reboot Router


Unplug from the electric, wait minimum of 10 seconds, then plug back into the electric. It is just possible that more than one reboot might be needed.

And as if by magic... your internet is restored.

Should this not be the case then - let us know, but please check all your cables are firmly inserted into the router including electric cables as this is the second most common reason for internet problems




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