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Our Response - Covid 19

As we have previously posted, we want to work with local business in our area to help recover from the dreadful situation facing all in recent times.

Any exisiting Connect Fibra client who refers a friend or neighbour that installs our internet will have the choice of ANY of the gifts below. There are more options coming so be sure to check back as we add more businesses to the list.

Additionally everyone who receives a gift will ALSO be put forward to a main draw to be held end of June 2021 to win a drive in one of the luxury cars below.


Alguini Restaurant

Menu De Noche

Have a meal for two on Connect Fibra at this local favourite


€20 Voucher

We will treat you to a night out at Boz Bar

Restaurant Campobello

€20 Voucher

Have meals up to the value of the voucher

Casas Espania

€20 Voucher for Car Hire

Need to hire a car - hire it locally and get it cheaper with this voucher

Casa Mia

€20 Voucher

A great local restaurant - enjoy it with our compliments

Family Bar

€20 Voucher

Not just for kids - relax and enjoy with our compliments

Hartley Brownes

€20 Voucher for Meal

Good food, great atmosphere and its local


€20 Voucher

JP's Hoggies right in the heart of the local area

Kenz Bar

€20 Voucher

Treat yourselves to food and drink at Kenz Bar

La Boheme

€20 Voucher for Meal

International cuisine right on San Luis Square

La Hoya Hermosa

€20 Voucher

Furniture, Garden Furniture, Lighting and more and €20 off

Little Sweden

Meal For Two

Spit Roasted Pig, Huge Paella and so much choice at this big hearted restaurant

Mexi Mundo

Voucher for meal or takeaway

Mexican and International dishes and all you can eat Thursdays

Pets World

€20 Pet Food Voucher

We know pets are special - feed them with this voucher

Bar Santana


Lots going on in this local haunt, have a few beers on us


€20 Voucher

Everyone the world over loves Irish bars, enjoy an Irish welcome at Shannons

The Sofa Factory

€20 Voucher

Much more than sofas, garden furniture and soft furnishings

Watering Hole


A great place to be on any night of the week - enjoy a night out on us


€20 Voucher

Right on your doorstep - air conditioning, electrics and more

Muscle Therapy Centre

€20 Voucher

Pain & Injury, Massages. Home Visits


€20 Voucher

Friendly Dental Services

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