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Making Sense Of Air Fibre

What is Air Fibre

Here we explain how it works, on the older urbanisations 

Air Fibre

Air Fibre is the brilliant modern internet solution from the guys at Connect Fibra. No more drop outs. The fibre optic cable goes into those older urbanisations not built with underground cable in mind which means the signal only has a few feet to travel thus ensuring reliability whereas previously line of sight was so important for any internet service. Installation is quick and simple and costs from 50€ and monthly packages run from as little as €15 per month. Available with or without TV, as a residential option or turn on/turn off holiday servce. 

Air Fibre - 20 MGB Internet - Installation 50€ &  15€ per month,  Super Air Fibre - Installation €99 & €20 per month


About Connect Fibra

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